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Ideal environment for distance learning which allows
the learners to fully interact with the teachers

Overview of iHadi


In the wake of global technological advancement, the international institutions are striving for excellence in the attainment of their set goals.

The use of computers is inevitable in all fields of life and it has helped academics a lot. In the current scenario, distance learning has contributed positively in spreading the knowledge and fulfilling the religious needs of the
masses using the technology. This educational joint venture has been named as ‘iHadi’.

Muslim children and the youth living in the West have significantly been influenced by the Western society. It has ultimately changed the Islamic values and traditions at large. The parents do try their best to teach Islamic values and morals on their own; however, it has not been much effective and efficacious because of less time and expertise in this respect. Secondly, it is not easy to find qualified teachers either. iHadi presents I solution to such problems - to find out qualified, professional and suitable teachers for graded learning and expertise of knowledge. It provides online one to one and group classes.